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    Psoc 4200 + CAN/LIN shield




      I'm using a Psoc 4200(cy8ckit-042) and a cy8ckit-026 can/lin shield and Creator V3.3 SP2.


      My problem is that I can not get the CAN component working, meaning I can't even see it in the components list when I am building the project, only the LIN. In the shield's documentation it's stated that is works with the 4200 baseboard but it does not; apparently the CAN works only with the cy8ckit-044 or I am doing something wrong?


      Also, it is unclear to me, can I debug the board via USB while communicating via CAN/LIN, because from what I understand from the documentation I can't because the power is coming from the shield @12V, so I should have the USB disconnected.

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