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    Smart Mesh Speed

      I am working on trying to get a mesh network up and going to control some simple led strips rather the led lights in the smart mesh demo that was given for CES 2016. 


      Video of the smart mesh demo




      I started with using the demo projects from the cypress git hub for the smart mesh networks. Both the flooding and directed flooding, seem to have about a three second turn around from when I can press the button for a color change to when the next color change can happens. I have tried to reduce this turn around by adjusting not only the watchdog timer that is being used as the counter,and also the central state span. When I reduce these down though, the number of packets drops increases greatly and I can never get to what seems like what is working for the mesh network in the video above. 


      Currently I only have two nodes in the mesh network, so I don't think that it could be an issue with the number of nodes.


      I am wondering if someone can give me some advice on how to speed up the network to be able to have the response time like in the demo video?


      Github Links:


      Mesh : https://github.com/cypresssemiconductorco/PSoC-4-BLE/tree/master/100_Projects_in_100_Days/Day049_BLE_Mesh_Flood


      Directed Mesh : https://github.com/cypresssemiconductorco/PSoC-4-BLE/tree/master/100_Projects_in_100_Days/Project052_BLE_Mesh_Directed