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    Check memory use and stack overflow


      Dear All,


      I am a newbie to FX3 and just wrote the first firmware that configures ASIC and reads back data.  It doesn't work well at this moment.  I noticed that configuration was wrong from time to time.  Occasionally the firmware reboots into default 04b3:00f3.  I think I have stack overflow or other memory leak.  How can I check this?





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          We will need more information about your application. If you can share a block diagram and the control signals between FX3 and ASIC we can understand your application better. 


          04b3:00f3.  is the VID/PID for bootloader. It may mean that the firmware is not programmed onto the FX3 yet. Please program the .img into the FX3 RAM and see if this VID/PID changes. You can also use non-volatile SPI Flash/I2C EEPROM to boot from, but you will need to change the PMODE pins accordingly for the FX3 to recognize the boot mode. This settings are mentioned in the FX3 datasheet (If you are using explorer kit, you need to connect the J4 for USB boot. Program the EEPROM, and the remove the J4 jumper to make it boot from on-board EEPROM).