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      seemingly simple question - just stating out with this equipment  -


      Want to connect a simple set of switch inputs to the CY8CKIT-042-BLE dev board.  have 3.3 VDC supply to connect through a switch.  Do I switch the input to ground?  What input configuration should I chose.  My sense is high impedance digital. 


      any help of where I should look for examples?

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          You can connect the switch to either ground or Vcc (as long as the Vcc is the same as the one for your board). Connect a resistor to the other power rail (so the input has a defined state when the switch is off).


          Or you configure the input pin as having a pull up (or pull-down resistor), then you can skip the external one.

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            For examples: look at the IO pin component data sheet which is just a right-click away. Or do the right-click and then 'find code example'.

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