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    Using both SAR and DelSig ADCs for simultaneous sampling


      Greetings all!  Using the PSOC 5LP kit (CY8CKIT-059), I have some questions on the ADC conversion/sampling rates.


      My goal is to have 3 ADC inputs that simultaneously sample, without using the sample-hold component.
      In order to do that, the 5LP kit does have 2 SAR ADCs and 1 DelSig ADC, so I do have enough ADCs to do this.


      To trigger the ADCs, I am using one timer component with an output of 100kHz, so I think I will get a 100kHz sampling rate (this timer is connected to the SOC pin of each ADC - this way, I can get simultaneous samples).


      1. I think I want Single Sample conversion mode - is this true?


      2. Why do I have to specify the conversion rate when I double click on each ADC block?  
      By virtue of the fact that I am using a 100kHz timer at the SOC pin, doesn't this mean that the conversion
      rate is 100kHz?  I don't understand how the two numbers (external timer frequency vs. internal conversion rate)
      could be different.


      If this helps, I have included a picture to show what I'm trying to do.