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    Finger Pressure Sensing


      I want my project to have touch pads that also detect pressure. Can CapSense be used to detect finger pressure on a metal pad or using some special design, maybe by the surface area/capacitance level, or does it need some other technology?

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          Yes, it is possible to do pressure detection using CapSense technology. It typically requires two electrodes placed in parallel and a non-conductive material that can deform. The non-conductive material gets placed between the two electrode plates. When there is pressure on one the top plate, the non-conductive material deforms and the distance between the two electrodes reduces resulting in capacitance change. This change in capacitance is proportional to the pressure applied.


          Currently we don't have any details regarding the  type of materials for the electrodes and the non-conductive material.


          But, it is possible with CapSense technology.







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            Hello Ranjith,




            Do you think what you describe can work with using copper pads on two PCBs between an air gap?