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    When using Wi-Fi power save, I can not use wiced_network_down function successfully

      So, Im attempting to use Wi-Fi power save using wiced_wifi_enable_powersave() and wiced_wifi_disable_powersave(), but I can not success to wiced_network_down() function.



      I use wiced_wifi_disable_powersave() and then If I execute wiced_network_down() function, this function is return WICED_TIMEOUT value at specific routine that WICED-SDK/Wiced/WWD/internal/SDPCM.c s line 824 ( "retval = host_rtos_get_semaphore( &wiced_ioctl_sleep, (uint32_t) WICED_IOCTL_TIMEOUT_MS, WICED_FALSE )" )



      Relevant details:



      RTOS : ThreadX


      Net Stack : NetX_Duo


      Processor: STM32F205


      Wi-Fi Chip : BCM43362



      Anyone have any suggestions as to what Im doing wrong?