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    PSoC Creator 4.0: Import & modify components with customizers fail






      I just wanted to get in touch with the customizers, so I decided to make a new library and imported the demux component. After renaming the component and its files and also took care of the catalog placement, I build the project. Those steps seem to be the standard method when importing components, according to some (outdated) documents.


      And voila... many error messages regarding not existing namespaces in actual context, etc. After digging a bit deeper into it, I figured out that the customizer assembly references have to be configured (this isn't mentioned anywhere!!!). So, I copied the references from the CyPrimitivesLibrary workspace, and most of the error messages went away. However, I don't want to search how to get rid of those errors. Instead, I want a clean documentation of customizers and how to create them. Cypress, you can't make statements like 'create your own customizers' and then a simple component import fails.


      If there's a document describing that the assembly references also have to be configured, then it's my fault because I didn't found it. What about to make a tutorial on how to implement customizers in a clean and working way? Yes, there's a customizer API reference, but this doesn't really help without basic knowledge of how it has to be used.