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    an75779 camera reading problem

      I met problems driving OV camera. I am using CYUSB_KIT003 and using parallel(DVP) to drive the OV camera.


      I use the AN75779 program and made some modification on it. I configured the camera right vai gpif interface on cyusb3014 so that the camera can output 1280*720,30fps data and I use the AMCap as the host application but no frame is received.


      Then I open the debug mode and found there are frame received by CYusb3014. The attached file shows the details. I don't know how to proceed now.


      can any body help me?


      Thank you! 

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          Please make sure that the image format is correctly set in the FX3 descriptors and the UVC headers. Please make sure that the frame/resolution is also set correctly (AN75779 is written for 720 at 30, so this should be okay). In the DMA callback, check for CONS event. In the image, I can see that the FX3 is receiving data, but is the data getting to the host? Please check if the host is asking for data by checking the CONS event. Please make sure the number of data bytes in one frame. This can be check by counting the number of full and partial buffers in one single frame. This will also tell if the sensor is configured for correct resolution.  Will you be able to take a USB protocol trace??