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    USB-C Power Delivery


      We are looking to utilize USB-C power delivery via a mobile phone, in order to power our hardware.
      From our experience, not all type C enabled mobile phones, support power delivery by default. We made a custom cable with the new termination (I.e. 56KOhm pull-down from CC to GND), so our device will automatically be detected as a DFP (or device), and the phone as a UFP (or master) for delivering power. Using this method, we only used the power lines as part of the cable assembly (data signals are left floating).

      Do we need an "active" cable for negotiating such power drawing via the USB-C?


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          Hi Refael Shamir,


          1. You are correct, Not all of Type-C port support Power delivery by default. This is because the designer think 5V power voltage is enough for the design. So, they could only support Type-C SPEC.


          2. If you could like to make your device detect as a DFP (equal to power source), you should pull-up 56K from CC to 5V.


          3. You do not need an "active" cable for negotiating such power drawing via the USB-C. 




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