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    regarding streamer


      actually we are using Cypress Streamer to get imaged data to pc .when we connected to fx3 board end pints are detecting but successful packets are not receiving by streamer only failure packets are receiving .can any one sort out of this problem

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          Do you not get the data at the streamer? Do all the Xfers fail? 


          Can you check if there is data in the FX3, if the FX3 does not have data, then the Xfers will fail. You can check if there is any PROD event in the FX3 firmware. PROD events are generated by the DMA engine when a DMA buffer gets filled. So, you if you do not get any prod event, that may mean that you are not getting data into the FX3, you may have to look at the interfacing signals.

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            thank you Nishant, actually the thing we want save the data coming from fx3(we are using custom board) to pc for that we got another streamer  by Cypress which has save option in that but the problem is that the End_Points are not   at all detecting can you help me to come out of this problem.


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              Please program the device with FX3 programmed. The modified streamer will not detect the device in bootloader mode.


              Please find the attached streamer to test. Password: CYPRESS

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                thanks for your help nishant ....yup i am getting the text data .but it is very large in size so can  you help me how to split that large files into small small chunks