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    FX3 device causes PC hangup or driver issue “… USB device cannot start…”

      Description After power-up the PC with FX3 device connected, the USB device is not functioning correct. Device Manager reports “… USB device cannot start…”
      Reconnect the FX3 solves this issue.

      After rebooting the PC with FX3 device connected, the PC hangs (with black screen).
      The PC continuous booting, only after removing the USB cable.

      Both issues only occur, when the FX3 is in EEPROM mode.
      In USB mode everything works fine.

      When the Vusb is switched (e.g. at power-up or reboot), the FX3 reset input signal is activated by a separate controller. After this reset, it takes about 2.2s to load the FX3 firmware from the external EEPROM.

      Could this be an issue? Shall an USB3 device be alive within 2.2s, after Vusb.