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    ShiftRegister to DMA issues

      I'm using a PSoC 4 BLE (CY8C4248LQI-BL583), and I'd like to copy the output of a Shift Register (v2.30) to RAM via DMA.  


      The ShiftRegister does not provide a "tr_out" DMA pulse, and instead only has a level-sensitive interrupt out.  The interrupt appears to only be cleared by ShiftReg_GetIntStatus().  As such, it does not seem usable by the DMA, because the DMA event cannot clear the interrupt.


      Can a ShiftRegister be hooked up to a DMA component?  The ShiftRegister documentation says yes, but I don't see how to throttle the requests without a pulsed interrupt.  Is there a ShiftRegister to DMA example out there?