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    Going from CY8CKIT-049-42xx to CY8CKIT-059





      I am a fairly new user of the PSOC and have been working with the 049-42xx kit. The project I want to build consists of an external ADC sending data to the PSOC SPI master component and relaying that through the UART to the USB-serial bridge card edge connector into a PC. I put myself into a jam by already creating a PCB for the project with the dev board on top of the PCB.


      I later realized I couldn't get the PSOC 4 UART to transmit data fast enough or store enough data in a buffer in SRAM (4kB) - and has no DMA channels to do these fast transfers. My current solution is to switch to a PSOC 5 which has 64kB of SRAM and DMA channels. However, since the pinout is different with a larger spacing between target board and KitProg, I am investigating suitable workarounds. A .png is attached showing a somewhat to scale comparison of the two kits with the spacing difference indicated by blue lines.


      I am using MATLAB to collect the data on a PCB and am more comfortable interfacing with usb-serial communications compared to using a USBFS component.


      I have had many ideas so far so bear with me (all involve some pins on the target board not being connected to the PCB):


      1) Snap the KitProg off and place it above the target board horizontally overlapping to achieve proper pinout spacing. Though the pinout of the usb-serial bridge vs KitProg has the GND and VDD in different locations ( and I foolishly connected them to PCB)


      2) Snap the KitProg off and replace with a USB-serial bridge from the 049-42xx kit connecting that to target board. Might not be feasible given the different interconnect traces e.g. SWDIO and SWDCLK vs RX and TX


      3)Snap off KitProg and use it once in a while to program but use the USB micro connector for data output. However, I am unsure if I can use the USB UART component with the micro connector or only the USBFS component.




      I was wondering if I could get some advice and thoughts on these options or any others that might be more feasible.


      Sorry for the length of the post and thank you in advance for any help,