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    Creator 4.0 Export to Makefile Bug Reports



      First off, thanks for adding the export to Makefile option to PSoC Creator 4.0. It's a greatly needed feature that enables tons of new tooling for PSoC project code.


      However, I've encountered some bugs that I'd like some assistance with. I'll add each bug as a separate reply to this post. 

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          Bug #1: Per-file command line options are ignored



          • Windows 10
          • PSoC Creator 4.0 Update 1 (
          • MinGW 32 bit

          Steps to reproduce:

          1. Create a new CYBLE-012011-00 project (I suspect this is an issue for all chip families, but have not taken the time to verify this yet)
          3. Start with the pre-populated schematic
          5. Right-click "Source > main.c" and select "Build Settings..."
          7. Select the ARM GCC 4.9-2015-q1-update Toolchain (Again, probably toolchain independent, but not verified)
          9. Choose "main.c > ARM GCC 4.9-2015-q1-update > Compiler > Command Line"
          11. Enter "-DMissedOption=1" as a Custom Flag
          13. (Optional) Clean and Build the project in Creator, observe that main.c is compiled with the "-DMissedOption=1" added
          15. Open the export dialog by selecting the "Project > Export To IDE (ProjName)..." menu item
          17. Select the "Makefile" radio button, click "Next"
          19. Check the box to export "main.c", click "Next"
          21. Click "Export"
          23. Open an Msys shell (Path to MinGW install\msys\1.0\msys.bat)
          25. Navigate to the .cydsn project file
          27. Run "make"
          29. Observe that main.c is *NOT* built with the option included



          Attaching the observed/expected build output is causing a permission error from the forum software, so unfortunately I cannot include that here

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            Bug #2: makefile unable to find header file


            My workspace has four projects and one library in it. When I export the main project and build in msys one of the include files cannot be found.


            The problem include comes from another project in the workspace, so the relative path is "../<Project2>.cydsn/file.h" Unfortunately, I've been unable to reduce this to a simple steps to reproduce from a new project. I'm verifying that Cypress and my company have executed an NDA, so please contact me directly to get a copy of the project.

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              Can you please just mention the purpose of using  MinGW 32 bit in your application

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                I'm using MinGW so I can run make from the MSYS shell. I'm trying to get this project building without an IDE so that I can use some static analysis tools on the code.

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                  Is there someone in Cypress with your email address? Your profile doesn't have it, so I am unable to email you directly for the NDA-protected project.