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    How can I use wiced_wifi_join_specific function?

      # Environments


      - WICED Version 2.3.1


      - ThreadX + NetX_Duo


      - BCMUSI11 Platform


      - BCM43362



      Hi :)



      I would like to use wiced_wifi_join_specific function in the wiced_join_ap function.


      Because when there are two APs which have same SSID, I would be able to choose one of them to be joined.


      So I stored AP information in the stored_ap_list[0] variable in the wifi config dct and tested it,


      but when I called wiced_network_up function on the Infrastructure STA mode, it doesnt work at all.



      If there is two APs which have same SSID, one is channel 1 and another is channel 6.


      How can I join to channel 6 AP? (or to a AP which has specific BSSID?)





      Mike Jeong