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    Upgrade BLE 4.1 to 4.2


      Hey guys,


      for development I use the CYBLE-012011-00 module with Project#20 UART to BLE bridge (100 project in 100 days). This project stack is BLE 4.1 compliant.


      Now, I try to use the CLBLE-202007-01 module with same source code. My problem is, that I can sometimes find and connect to the module and sometimes I can't find / or connect to the device. Do I have to change anything in the software STACK? All BLE settings are the same, aside from the external amplifier options.


      Thanks in advance!



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          Hi Pascal,


          The CYBLE-202007 module has an external Power Amplifier. It is mandatory to enable this PA, else the radio transmission will only be due to leakage and the range will just be a few centimeters. You can do either of this to confirm:


          1) Keep the two BLE devices (CYBLE-202007 module and the peer device) very close to each other, i.e. just a few centimeters apart. You should see that there will be issue with finding/connecting to the device


          2) Enable the PA and you should not see the issues.

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            The problem is solved!


            You have to add:


            CY_SET_XTND_REG32((void CYFAR *)(CYREG_BLE_BLERD_BB_XO_CAPTRIM), 0x0000D0D0);


            in CYBLE_EVT_STACK_ON case!