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    How to make an USB-UART "switch box"?




      I want to use the PSoC 5LP as UART switch box. It will be connected with USB to PC and the other side will be a number of selectable UART ports. The purpose of the box is to connect the PC to a single UART and to be able to select the active UART.


      Till now, in my projects I was using the USBUART component as a single port USB-UART bridge. Is it possible to add some configuration to it for my purpose?


      I'm not really familiar with the USB standard, and it's very complicated... I know that there is a protocol called HID, which I can use(?) for "uart-select" command. Is it possible to have both USBUART and HID protocols simultaneously on the device? How can I use the HID?


      Would much appreciate any help.