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    Sequencing SAR how to make  internal connection to input


      I have the cy8ckit-059 ,  using the sequencing SAR (single ended),  there's a compile error if  the analog input is connected to an op-amp output internally.  Is the only solution to bring the op-amp output to a pin and also the analog input of the SAR to a pin,  then connect them with a wire externally? (I'm only using one-input for now, but I will be using 2 inputs later).


      Why can't there be a direct connection, all internal, from op-amp output (internal) and SAR input ?   I don't have this problem with the Delta-sigma A/D.  Why?


      That's all one question.   


      Another question- everytime I open the SAR part to configure, it changes the frequency.  Originally  I set it to 1 MHz,  but it reverts to 999.992 kHz  .  


      Thanks in advance