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    OTA update using CYBLE-202007-EVAL not working




      I am trying to get the Bootloader and Boootable modules to work for Fixed Stack OTA Bootloader with the CYBLE-202007-EVAL board and the BLE radio does no appear to be working when the device is put into program mode. Below I have listed the steps I have taken.


      All work is done using PSoC Creator 3.3 DP1 which supports the CYBLE-202007 module and has been used to develop our existing application which uses the CYBLE-202007-01 module.  


      I have followed the step by step directions listed in application node AN97060 to get the Fixed Stack OTA Bootloader project working using the CYBC4247LQI-BL483  EVAL board working with the CY8CKIT-042-BLE pioneer kit. I am using the Android Cysmart mobile app to upload new firmware to the module.  This is working fine.   


      1. Installed the CYBLE-202007-EVAL board on the CY8CKIT-042-BLE pioneer kit main board.  


      2. In the Device selector for the BLE_OTAFixedStack_Bootloader01 project and for the PWMExample01 project set the current device to CYBLE-202007.  


      3. Modified the linker scripts in the BLE_OTAFixedStack_Bootloader01 project and the PWMExample01 project to reflect the 256K ROM and 32K RAM memories.


      4. Run the mk.bat from the scripts folder of the BLE_OTAFixedStack_Bootloader01 project. 


      5. Added the necessary code to the BLE AppCallBack to support the CYBLE-202007 module switching of the PA/LNA hardware control pins.


      6. Changed the  pin assignment in the BLE_OTAFixedStack_Bootloader01 project for the Bootloader_Service_Activation pin from p2.7 to p1.0 to support the hardware IO changes between the CYBC4247LQI-BL483 EVAL board and the  CYBLE-202007-EVAL board.


      After these steps the project builds and runs with the green LED pulsing correctly.


      The problem is that when SW2 is pushed and the unit is put into program mode and the red LED comes on and flashes the Cysmart app does not see the device. It is acting like the BLE component is not advertising or the BLE radio isn't coming on.  I have include the zipped work space with the example projects I am using.    

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          This problem has been solved.


          The problem was that I added the necessary code to the BLE AppCallBack to support the CYBLE-202007 module switching of the PA/LNA hardware control pins to the PWMExample01 project but didn't add the same code to the BLE_OTAFixedStack_Bootloader01 project. After making these changes the OTA is working great on the CYBLE-202007-EVAL module.