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    Infinite loop crash


      I am programming a CYBLE-022001-00 and I am getting a curious issue: the software crashes and when I pause the debugger, the Program Counter is at 0xFFFFFFFE, which according to the Cortex-M memory map is a vendor specific area.


      For the complete call stack information and the core registers, please refer to the attached screenshot.


      Any idea what could have caused this issue?


      Kind regards, Enpa

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          I believe that is the location of the "DefaultIntHandler", and is only reached if you called an invalid operation on the BLESS, or somehow caused the BLESS to enter an unhandled error state.


          My guess is that you called a Cyble_ function while the BLESS was turned off, or something similar.

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            Thank you for your answer. You are right: I wrote a custom hardfault handler and put a breakpoint in it. This seems so be the problem.


            I'll have to investigate further to find out what is causing the hardfault to happen.


            I don't think that Cyble_functions are getting called with the BLE system stopped. It must be something else.


            Kind regards, Enpa

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              Hmmm; Usuallly I run into it when calling CyBle functions incorrectly, but if you are sure it isn't that, then it must be an interrupt for something else that isn't being handle. 


              Good luck with the hunting, Pratt