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    VCCD pin issue and TCPWM out

      Hello All,


      I am using CYBL10161-56LQXI in my project. The pin 56 of the chip is designated as in Table 1


      56 | VCCD | POWER | Regulated 1.8-V supply; connect to 1-μF capacitor


      So, does this mean this pin need not be connected to 3.3V supply of my board and should be left unconnected with bypass cap as mentioned in the datasheet?


      Also, There are 2 TCPWM blocks in the chip and I need line_out and line_n_out of both the blocks on output pins but only one TCPWM block is allowed to have pins on MCU port. How can I make PSOC creator use both TCPWM outputting from both line and Line_n outs on the pins?