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    unsing counters at Cyble-022001-00


      Hello, my name is Matthias Roth, I'm a senior Software Developer and new to the Cyble-022001-00 chip.


      For a customer I'll try to implement an application where I basically need to read 2 rpm Signals and send both on request from a BLT Master.



      1.  which pins do I use for the RPM signals?
      3. I have tried to configure a digital Pin as input for a counter with Psoc Creator 4 TopDesigne.cysch but failed. Only possible Configuration is Timer Counter with an clock source. Which I don't have / don't need.
      5. Is ist possible to configure a Port as RPM input for a counter with Psoc Creator 4 TopDesigne.cysch if so how?
      7. which computer chip is used at Cyble-022001-00 (for example atmel ATXmega), can I use the components(counter) of this chip directly without graphical configuration tool of Psoc Creator 4. Where can I get all necessary specification for the chip?

      Thanks in advance


      Matthias Roth

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          What is your SOW ? SOW = statement of work.  What kind of RPM are you trying to measure?  Your best bet is to use the PSOC Creator software as it writes the programs for the components. Post your code so we can check it.

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            Welcome in the world of PSoCs, Matthias.


            When in Creator there is on the left hand side a window with some vertical tabs. The "Datasheet" tab shows the PSoC family members, from which you learn that the core is an ARM Cortex M0.


            A widely used method is to measure the time between pulses. When using a clock with 1MHz you can have a resolution of 1 µs. Use the capture input of the counter to read the timer value in an interrupt handler.






            PS: Where in Germany are you located? I live near Bremen.