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    OTA Bootloader metadata randomly zeroed

      we are close to release a new product based on the CYBLE-212019 module (ProcBLE), but we are currently observing random erasures (i.e., zeroing) of the metadata used by the bootloader - Upgradable Stack use case.


      We are of course investigating into the code looking for bugs, but we noticed that the code provided in CyFlash.c to access Flash (or SFlash) does not tweak the IMO for CY_IP_SPCIF_SYNCHRONOUS is not true. We are wondering if this is correct, since all the documentation we found about Flash programming for the target processor states that any Flash operation shall be run with 48MHz IMO (which is eventually restored).


      It has to be noted that in our application the SFlash may be updated from time to time depending on system operation. Since we don't use bonding, regular Flash is supposed to be written only when updating bootloader's metadata in case of FOTA request.


      Build system is PSoC Creator 3.3 SP2 and cy_boot version 5.30 is used in the design.


      Best regards,
      Stefano Voulaz