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    wiced_tcp_receive() failing to receive packets larger than 1k and TLS enabled


      I could not figure out why wiced_tcp_receive() fatally fails when the server is trying to send packets of about 1k or larger. Not only wiced_tcp_receive() fails with WICED_ERROR but it is unable to receive any packets, evan smaller than 1k, after the first failure.



      I have tried to change the WICED_TCP_WINDOW_SIZE as hinted in another thread, and to increase the application stack but with no luck.



      I am using SDK 2.1.1 and LwIP with TLS enabled, but it happens with NetX as well. This problem does not appear if I disable TLS. It looks like if the library is unable to break down reception in multiple packets with TLS enabled, because when used without TLS, wiced_tcp_receive() returns multiple times with total packet sizes that fail with TLS.



      Please advise.






      Marco G.