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    IntDefaultHandler Infinite Loop


      Is there any reason (other than it is damaged) for a single module to get reach IntDefaultHandler?


      I have two prototypes one seems to work the other dose not. I tried to use the Find Me example (attached) with similar results.


      The call stack is as follows:


      0 IntDefaultHandler() .\Generated_Source\PSoC4\Cm0Start.c 123 0x000003D4 (All) 
      1 <signal handler called>() ?????? ?????? 0xFFFFFFF9 (All) 
      2 CyBLE_Bless_RfRegWrite(reg32 * blessAddr = 0x402e10d8, const uint16 regValue = 88) .\Generated_Source\PSoC4\BLE_HAL_PVT.c 300 0x0000128C (All) 
      3 CyBleStackMgr_SetClockParam() ?????? ?????? 0x00002B9C (All) 
      4 CyBleStackMgr_BleSSInit() ?????? ?????? 0x0000291C (All) 
      5 CyBleStackMgr_Init() ?????? ?????? 0x00001E14 (All) 
      6 CyBle_StackInit() ?????? ?????? 0x00001BA6 (All) 
      7 CyBle_Start(CYBLE_CALLBACK_T callbackFunc = 0x22d <StackEventHandler>) .\Generated_Source\PSoC4\BLE.c 477 0x0000062E (All) 
      8 main() .\main.c 171 0x00000306 (All) 





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          I tried your project on my CYBLE-022001-EVAL board and I didn't find any issues. Means firmware don't have any problem.


          Are you using a custom board? If then, there could be any board issue(Please share the PCB if you want us to review), otherwise the chip may not have soldered properly/might have damaged.



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            Hi Anjana,


            Thanks for the response.


            It is a custom board and the firmware works on a identical board. I was just verifying that it is a hardware problem and I am not missing something in the firmware.





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