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    RTC_GetTime API Issue

      Hello colleagues, 

      I am facing a fail in my GetTime measurement with your RTC module. I read the time at the beginning of my project and store it as StartTime variable. I use the ADC interrupt and I perform the measurement Seconds=RTC_GetTime()-StartTimeTime each 200ms. The measurement is performed perfectly from 0-16 seconds, then jumps to 23 and measures correctly till 32, then jumps again to 39 and so on. When variable Seconds is at 64, it jumps to 231... I don't know whether it is a clock issue or simply I need a kind of hexadecimal conversion. I attached both my UART log and the archived project so you can easily reproduce it. It is reproducible with the PRoC Eval Kit (project attached). 

      Looking forward to your feedback,