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    BLE AlertNotification Code Example


      I wanted to set up an Alert Notification project and send alerts to an Android phone/Tablet.  I got the project up and running using the Pioneer baseboard with a CYBLE-224110 module.  I've connected using CySmart and Android apps that supposedly support Alert Notification.  Everything is reporting "Peer device doesn't support ANS" on the terminal log.  Any suggestions on how to get this working.

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          Please post your code by clicking on file then create work space bundle and click add attachment to a new post so we can help you with this issue.

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            Thanks for the reply.


            The code was the BLE_AlertNotification example code from PSoC Creator 4.  I didn't make any changes, just created a project from the GUI button and set the target device to my installed BLE module (CYBLE-224110).  Everything built and installed OK.  Running the code, I can scan and connect as described in the documentation.  I also tried running the installed code outside of the debugger (and pushing the reset button on the Pioneer board) in case there were any effects from sleep modes.  I'm always seeing the message saying ANS is not supported on the client.


            I was hoping to see something using CySmart, but no luck so far.


            Thanks,  Max

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              I realized the Alert Notification example code behaves as a BLE client, not a server like I was expecting.  I wanted a server example which would send alert notifications to an Android tablet/phone.  I'm trying to implement an ANS service configured as a server by adding that service to the FindMe example,  but would like an example of how to code the handler if anyone knows of one.  So far I haven't found anything amongst the Cypress examples.   

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                The software team is planning to release Alert Notification Server example as Creator Code example. But this will be part of any of the future release of Creator version. We do not have a timeline for this as of now (tentatively with PSoC Creator 4.2 version).