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    Heart Rate Monitor using Counter

      Hi all,


      I am trying to make a heart rate monitor, which takes in the analogue signal of heartbeat pulses, processes them through a comparator to get a square wave, and input it to a Counter to measure the frequency of each pulse, calculate the no. heartbeats per minute, outputs it to two 7 segment LED displays. The analogue signal and 7 segment LED display works fine, and I suspect the problem is with the Comparator and the Counter. Attached here are the codes and schematics for this project, referenced from this page: http://www.cypress.com/forum/psoc-3-device-programming/frequency-measurement-using-timer-0 . There is no problem compiling and programming it to my PSoC, but I can't get a proper value for my no. heartbeats per minute, all it shows on my 7 segment LED display is 00. I am not sure if I have configured the Comparator and Counter properly in the schematic diagram, counted the frequency in a wrong method, or if I had coded anything wrongly in my main.c code file. Any help to detect what's wrong with my program is greatly appreciated, thank you! :)