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    C# Data Logging to interface with PSOC4 BLE device


      Good day,


      I have developed a prototype PSOC BLE 4.1 board that captures analog data from a sensor and this information is sent via BLE to a windows PC via the Cypress BLE Dongle.


       I am using C# (Visual Studio 2015) for the windows based test program development.


      The c# program is developed based on api examples found in the Cypress Community.


      In that example, it is divided into 2 segments, notifications and scanner project.


      I have integrated both the segment into my test program as shown in the attached file.


      On program launch, the program is able to connect to the dongle and detect the BLE device as shown in the attached.


      However, when one click on the <Select> checkbox, it is not able to connect to the BLE device.


      If one skip the scanning segment and set the notification segment with the BLE address of that device, then connection is established and notification is able to read the periodic information sent from the BLE device.


      Initial analysis seems to point to the AutoResetEvent from either the Scanner or the Notification fucntions to be the caused of the issue.


      My C# project can be downloaded via this link 




      I am hence seeking your expertise advice as to how the connection issue can be resolved.


      Thank you very much in advance.