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    regarding end points of streamer


      actually we are using C# streamer which has save option in that provided by Cypress ,we  connected FX3 board with  USB3 after that when we will run the the streamer application end points are not at all detecting(showing) in the box ,can any one help me to come out of this problem??




      The thing ,we are using the Fx3 Custom Board ..

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          When you connect FX3 to the Host, it will come up as Cypress FX3 USB BootLoader Device. Since, endpoints are not configured in bootloader mode, Endpoint dialog box in the C# streamer application will be empty.


          Load any of the example project provided in the SDK to FX3 (Eg:cyfxbulksrcsink). Now, you will be able to see the endpoints in Endpoint dialog box in the C# streamer application.

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            actually we are loading the example project provided in the SDK to FX3 (eg:usbbulkloopauto) that time also end points are not detecting .


            but when we will run the (Eg:cyfxbulksrcsink) the end points will detect and data will get success and some text file will create if we try to open it with note pad  it will be empty .just a text file is creating .can you guide me little bit clearly.........