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    New user to CYBLE-012011



      I am a new user and trying to use this on our product.


      I believe this module can't be used with simple AT commands. (If possible, let me know)


      I also see that this could be programmed using a debug adapter. If so, what IDE we have to use (We are familier with Visual Studio)? What compiler it uses? Shall we buy your development kit with debug adapter?





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          I believe AT commands are for cellular modems, and not BLE chips, but I could be wrong.


          Cypress' modules and chips use their PSOC Creator IDE to program and develop projects for the chips. The IDE uses the GCC compiler internally, and thus it should be pretty easy to use other compilers for writing the software, but the PSOC Creator does come with a "schematic" mode that allows you to layout components and wire them to be connected together in hardware, which allows more design flexibility/customizability than using only software to program everything.


          Hence, I would recommend using the PSOC Creator, but I think you could use other IDEs if you wish.

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            Great. Thanks. PSOC Creator must be the best solution. I am planning to buy "CYBLE-012011-EVAL  Evaluation Board" and "PSoC MiniProg3 Program and Debug Kit"


            Hope this is fine for development.


            Your advice will be helpful.





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              The PSoC Creator path gives you the most flexibility by far, but Cypress has recently released the EZ-Serial firmware platform that allows host control of the EZ-BLE modules over the UART interface using text-format or binary-format commands. See this page for detail:




              That page includes a link to the comprehensive User Guide, which describes the firmware in detail and provides many examples and a complete API reference.

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                Thanks. We have decided to go with "PSoC Creator". Planning to buy a "Evaluation Board, Bluetooth, EZ-BLE™ PRoC" and "PSoC MiniProg3 Program and Debug Kit" We have already tested this modules and we are happy with it.


                Is this correct?





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                  Hi Eugene,


                  Yes, those two devices will work for development with PSoC Creator. You will need to connect the MiniProg3 output directly to the CYBLE-012011-EVAL module using either the 0.1" 5-pin connector into the bottom/left female header on the module or else using a ribbon cable and the 0.05" 10-pin connector on the top of the module.


                  One other option is to buy the CYBLE-012011-EVAL module and the CY8CKIT-042-BLE-A BLE Pioneer kit, which contains a base board and two additional CYBLE evaluation modules, as well as the CySmart dongle suitable for use with CySmart Windows software and BLE client emulation. This latter item is especially helpful for testing and debugging client-side operations if you do not already have system for this kind of debugging.


                  The BLE Pioneer kit does not include a standalone programmer like the MiniProg3, but it does include KitProg firmware in the onboard PSoC 5LP microcontroller on the baseboard. With this, you can flash new firmware onto the target module in exactly the same way that you can with the MiniProg3 (although the maximum flash speed is slower).


                  It is up to you whether you want to get the BLE Pioneer Kit or the MiniProg3 (or both), but you will be able to do basic BLE development and flashing with PSoC Creator using either set of hardware.

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                    Hi Thanks


                    We have started working on PSoC Creator 4.0. I am searching for some sample related to CYBLE-012011 and quick jump and proceed.
                    When I go to File -> Code Sample, I don't file any of the examples needed for me. Below are the one I am expecting for...


                    1. Using/choosing UART using CYBLE-012011 module.
                    2. Bluetooh interface with Mobile phone. (Developing an android app to manage the modules)
                    3. I/O controls etc...


                    Could you please guide me on some example source so that we can quick jump to our project?


                    Thanks & Regards

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                      Many of the code examples are linked to a specific device/psoc, but in reality can be tweaked to work on other chips, or just used to understand the components they use. For the UART examples, when you open the File->Code Sample, make sure the dropdown menu is set to "All", then pick the UART sample you want to understand, and start from that.


                      GPIO is pretty simple, as you can right-click on the component in the TopDesign.cysch and go to "Open Datasheet", "Find Code Example", or just look into the source files generated for the component when you build the project with the component included in the top design.


                      As far as setting up a bluetooth interface with the mobile phone, it depends on what you want it to do...