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    How to best apply power to the red BLE module



      I already created a small device with the red BLE module (CY8KIT-142-BLE) standalone (without the proto board) and connected the pins VDDD,VDDA and VDDR directly to my main 5V (USB) power supply. Just today I noticed a small note on the flyer which comes with the module, there it states "To apply power to the module, use the VDD pin and GND pin", additionaly on a picture of the module there are two connector holes on the bottom edge of the module which are bolded and described as VDD and GND?


      What does it mean exactly? Do I need to use this method? My device is working already without this dedicated connector powered.

      Another question is this. Powering the VDDD,VDDA and VDDR pins directly, do I need to apply the recommended (for the chip) 0.1 and 1 uF filtering capacitors or are they applied by the red module already?