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      S25FL132K like configuration memory for FPGA Cyclone 4

      we have problem with programing S25FL132K connect to Cyclone 4 FPGA over JTAG.  Comment from SW Quartus is:
      Error (209025): Can't recognize silicon ID for device 1. A device's silicon ID is different from its JTAG ID. Verify that all cable
      s are securely connected, select a different device, or check the power on the target system. Make sure the device pins are connect
      ed and configured correctly.
      Error (209012): Operation failed


      ID check is off. Quartus version 13 allows check ID  turn off.


      If we change S25FL132K to S25FL164K  is no problem programing OK, reading OK. We dont know why. You have encountered this problem?


      Thank you for your help