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    CapSense Proximity Sensor

      I'm currently looking to use CapSense in a proximity sensing application. The hoped for range is 30 cm with a 100 Hz sample rate.


      Looking at old Research, if you use a Capaciflector it may be possible to extend the range of the sensor. Basically behind the sensor you place another sensor (with a further ground plane behind that one) and at the same time send the same excitation signal to both sensors.


      (It seems that it may be possible using the PSOC Mutual Capacitance mode (CSX) to send the same signals to both sensors synchronously) <- Not true.


      Driving the second sensor using the  Shield Signal seems like one way to emulate this technology (Synchronous with sensor signal).


      On another level, we may build our own sensor, just to confirm how effective this is. Does a proximity sensor shield exist which uses the above multi-layer sensor idea, exist?