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    Getting NRF24L01 working with PSoC4

      Good Afternoon Everyone,


      So I have been working on this code for a few weeks. I have downloaded a few examples in other languages and translated as best as Google could and Im still having difficulty getting this to work. I will post the project files below but first some info on where im gathering all my info from.


      nRF24l01 datasheet https://www.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Components/SMD/nRF24L01Pluss_Preliminary_Product_Specification_v1_0.pdf


      another student who tried this on the forums a few months back. Bob Marlowe seemed to help him a lot however the student never responded if he finished it or not






      Im using his most recent code and trying to redo it. Using his transmitter code on my Scope im getting a signal out and when i flip my switch the signal changes to reflect that. So i think I have the transmission working as intended. Again im not sure as i have no serial monitor nor does the receiver work to get an LED to flash yet.


      Im not expecting anyone to look at this and fix everything at once im hoping for someone to point out what I should do next or some glaring error like you forgot to do SPI_Enable();


      all i want to do is send a 1 or 0 over radio. I am building a home security system for a project in my Engineering class. Thanks to anyone who can help.