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    Timer configuration

      Hi Cypress Team, 


      I want to configure timer in my project with 1 Micro second .


      i used timer function block , set the clk at 2 MHz and count is 2, so it is showing 1us .


      but i want to reconfigure timer in my state machine many times with different time configuration (1,3,20us and 125us).


      so in the ISR , written code   










      void BottomTemperatureControl(void)




      //here am calling reload timer function with different timer time configuration.


      ReloadTimer(Number of us timer configuration); 






      void ReloadTimer(int nTimerInMicroSeconds)
          nTimerInMicroSeconds = nTimerInMicroSeconds * 2;


      if i want to set 3us timer, then i will pass 3 to the reloadTimer function and calculate the period count value inside the reload functon.


      for 2 counts, 1us timer 


      for 3 us, 2*3 = Count value(6).


      if high set this value for 100us ,50us its working fine but for 3us timer , getting 40us pulse.




      kindly help me in this.


      I am not able to configure 16, 24 ,32 bit resolution for  the attached  timer function block .


      it is showing error if I select 16,24 bit resolution.


      please find the attached images for timer configuration.