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    [4M] Reconfigure DMA on_the_fly




      I'm still making little projects to get familiar with the DMA engine on PSoC4M (and PSoC4L).


      This project https://github.com/C47D/4M_DMAed_SPI tries to use DMA to send and read data via SPI, i did a function to change the source, destination and number of bytes to be transferred, but i'm getting troubles with it, i think i'm not waiting enough time before exiting the custom function, or maybe i'm missing DMA parameters that needs configuration.




      Has somebody tried to change DMA parameters on the fly?


      I spend some time searching on the forum and there are just a few topics about this.




      Thanks in advance






      PD: the project on the git repo is done on Creator 4.0 and CY8CKIT043 kit as a target, v2 project is the current one :).