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    Need LOW Level Driver for NOR flash(S25FL512S) interfacing via SPI for any STM32F091RC MCU

      Hello All


      I am trying to interface External NOR FLASH (S25FL512S) to the Microcontroller STM32F091RC via SPI .


      [1]Could you please provide sample code NOR flash interfacing via SPI (with structured layer architecture -->ie Hardware Layer Abstraction Layer Driver, Low Level Layer Driver , Flash Manager , RTOS AND APPLICATION ) for STM32F091RC MCU or any Microcontroller ?
      [2] By means of some tool, can we generate Low Layer driver(LLD) for SPI NOR FLASH(S25FL512S) and this LLD can it be used in for STM32F091RC MCU ?


      I would be glad , if  most of them could reply & reply at the earliest .


      Note: If this is not the right forum , then please provide the link of the right forum




      Thanks & Regards