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    CAN (controller area network) register listing?

      Does anybody know if there is a document listing the controller area network(can) registers and their bit definitions?  Currently I am trying to implement canopen on a psoc4.  However I am unable to find a useful register definition document.


      For reference what I have so far:


      1. The "PSoC_4100M_4200M_Family_PSoC_4_Architecture_Technical_Reference_Manual_(TRM)" shows some information on CAN but it appears to be missing substantial amounts of information.  For example it shows a "CAN_RXn_ID" register but does not detail what goes into the register. Is it a function of the mail box or received can message id? If it is the received can message id is it masked or offset? It appears it is likely offset as some of its bits are reserved.


      2. The "CAN_v3_0.pdf" from psoc creator appears fairly useless. Once again only some API functions are briefly detailed. It does not even detail registers directly accessed in cypresses own examples?


      Any references to more detailed documents would be greatly appreciated because I am sure I must be missing something.


      Thanks in advance,