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      Im very new to PSOC. Please advice.. Thanks.


      May i know how to configure UART Parity bit  in the software during runtime? 

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          Welcome in the forum.


          Datasheet for UART v2.50 states in configure dialog


          API control enabled
          This check box is used to change parity by using the control register and the UART_WriteControlRegister() function. The parity type can be dynamically changed between bytes without disrupting UART operation if this option selected, but the component uses more resources.


          The UART_WriteControlRegister() API is used to change the parity.


          The SCB based UART v3.20 uses a different approach: here you need to re-initialize the component using SCB_UartInit(). See datasheet.





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            Hi Bob,


            I am using SCB based UART:


            include code file.


            baud rate is working but parity giving error.. check and provide your input on this

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              Can you please post your complete project, so that we all can have a look at all of your settings. To do so, use
              Creator->File->Create Workspace Bundle (minimal)
              and attach the resulting file.





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                Hi bob, 


                Your previous input helped me to understand how to change baudrate, parity and stop bits. Please find function to change these parameters, It may help others. please review it. sorry bob since it is company product. I cant upload complete project.

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                  Isolate your UART into a new project and show the error. This demo you can upload.