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    project on cy8c4246axi

      my team want to develop one product on CY8C4246AXI controller.My job is to reach on conclusion that if our requirement is fulfilled by this part.


      system requirement is as below.


      one usart to use for 485 communication


      one usart to use for 232 communication


      one capsense blok for (7*7) matrix


      three timer


      2 gpio output pin one for 485 ic and one for buzzer.


      i am using creator 3.3 service pack 2.


      i try to create one sample project try to put all component and build the project to find if its fulfill our requirement?


      issue is when i use UART(SCB) 3.20 its build sucessfully but when i try to use UART 2.50 its showing design can not be fitt in 4 udb block error.


      so what is difference between this two version of uart?


      second thing is this product need remote update facility.so is it possible to develop boot loader with existing Boot loader component with scb uart?? and application data will be coming through 484 transmission so how it Handel enable pin ??? is there any kind of restriction for scb selection for boot loader like have to select SCB:0 component of communication if want to use inbuilt boot loader component?


      and i also generate one topic regarding capsense but till not get any response






      any one can help me because i have to give decision as soon as possible..




      here i also attach my sampel project