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    OTA upgrade for STM32F4

      Hi. In my project I need to use STM32F427VIT6 with Broadcom wifi radio chip plus external flash to ota upgrade. In Readme.txt I found platform limitation in "Known Limitations & Notes" chapter and there inforamtion that ota upgrade is not possible for STM32F4xx. I invastigated files ".../WICED_SDK/Wiced-SDK-2.3.1/WICED-SDK/Wiced/Platform/common/ARM_Cortex_M4/STM32F4xx/bootloader_ota" and it looks like it should works, so why Readme.txt says that it is impossible? Missing some function for Cortex-M4?

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          The README does not say it is impossible.



          The README says that it is not supported.



          This means that we have not specifically added support for OTA upgrades on the platform and/or tested that it works with that particular SDK release.