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    Help with using Shift Register to interface with 74HC595


      Hello, I have recently purchased the CY8CKIT-044 PSoC® 4 M-Series Pioneer Kit and having a great time learning how to do simple projects. I am trying to write a simple program to interface with a 74HC595 Shift Register to control 8 LEDS. The HC595 has a Clock input, a Serial Data Input and a Latch. I am trying to use the Shift Register in the PSoc Creater and need some help with the top schematic. I have uploaded my top schematic for review. I want to know how I can create a bursted clock that will be used to clock in the data the the HC595. I have tried to use the Clock component from the SYSTEM group and connect it to a Digital Output pin but it won't compile. If anyone could give me some suggestions of know of an example that uses an Shift Register please let me know.