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    DMA more than 16-bit from ADC to Filter

      I'm trying to transfer 20-bit ADC data to Filter with referring "Filter_ADC_VDAC Example".
      But, data Cohererncy and Alignment is very difficult, I could not success.


      According to the manual, I set registers as follows,




          Filter_SetCoherencyEx( Filter_STAGEA_COHER, Filter_KEY_HIGH);
          Filter_SetDalign( Filter_STAGEA_DALIGN, Filter_DISABLED);


      And, I tried more to change DMA settings,


          Swap_Endian, change target address, Filter_STAGEA_PTR or Filter_STAGEAH_PTR ... etc. 


      Abnormal waveform appears on filter output at which setting.


      Please tell me the correct settings.