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    Read operation failed! Check I2C bus connection: CY8C38 module



      I was trying to teach myself how to use CapSense using the CY8CKIT-001 and can't even get the tuner helper to connect, I keep getting the error message shown in the subject line. I set up my pins as shown in http://www.cypress.com/file/46756/download, page 5 for the PSoC3 module, which I'm using at the moment. I note that this uses the MiniProg3 but looking at the PSoC3 module's schematic, the MiniProg3 connects to J5 TDO, TDI and TCK but the CapSense Tuner is set to use the MiniProg3 I2C link (my pins are set to P12[5:4] as indicated by the module's schematic).


      The CapSense data sheet covering the Tuner GUI User Guide shows a very simple procedure for accessing CapSense data that I can't get to work. I've checked my parameters a number of times and they align between the settings shown in the CapSense Tuner configuration window and that shown for the PSoC components.


      Any suggestions?