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    Verilog to C bidirectional data transfer

      hi friends


      I want to access a reg type variable in Verilog. Normally I can send data to verilog with CY_SET_REG8 command.


      for example CY_SET_REG8(ParalelToSerial_1_MyTxReg__CONTROL_REG,0x81);


      So How is the Verilog variable sent to the C side?

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          similar to http://www.cypress.com/comment/392376#comment-392376, reading is possible only from instantiated Control and Status registers using API function CY_GET_REG8(ParalelToSerial_1_MyTxReg__CONTROL_REG,0x81);


          It is possible to read from control register only the value previously writtent to it by CY_SET_REG8(). To get back value from Verilog register "reg [7:0] myReg" you need instantiate a Status register, connect it to "myReg" and read from the status register using CY_GET_REG8.

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            Hi @odissey1


            I have a problem in this regard. I wrote an SPI code in Verilog. 


            `include "cypress.v"
            //`#end` -- edit above this line, do not edit this line
            // Generated on 04/07/2017 at 15:37
            // Component: ParalelToSerial
            module ParalelToSerial (
                output  Busy,
                output  Clkout,
                output  Dout,
                input   Clkin,
                input  [7:0] Din


            //`#start body` -- edit after this line, do not edit this line


                reg dout;
                reg clkout;
                reg reset;
                reg tx_en;
                reg tx_start;
                reg tx_status;
                reg [7:0]tx_buf;
                reg [3:0]cnt_spi;


                cy_psoc3_control #(.cy_init_value (8'b00000000), .cy_force_order(`TRUE)) //Default mode
                cy_psoc3_control #(.cy_init_value (8'b00000000), .cy_force_order(`TRUE)) //Default mode
                initial begin
                  tx_start <= 1'b0;
                  reset <= 1'b0;
                  clkout <= 1'b0;
                  tx_en <= 1'b0;
                  cnt_spi <= 1'b0;
                always @ (negedge Clkin)
                   if (tx_start == 1'b1 && reset == 1'b0)
                     reset <= 1'b1;
                     tx_buf <= Din;
                     tx_en <= 1'b1;
                     tx_status <=1'b1;
                   if(tx_en == 1'b1)// shift işlemi yap
                        tx_buf <= {tx_buf[6:0], 1'b0};
                        cnt_spi <= cnt_spi + 1; 
                   if(cnt_spi==7)  //aktarım tamamlandı
                     cnt_spi <= 1'b0;
                     tx_en <= 1'b0;
                     tx_status <= 1'b0;


                assign Busy = tx_en;
                assign Dout = tx_buf[7];
                assign Clkout = tx_en & Clkin;    
            //`#end` -- edit above this line, do not edit this line


            In the verilog code, I'm using the tx_status variable causes the compiler to fail. I can not use the tx_status variable with the cy_psoc3_control command.


            The compiler gives the following error.


            tx_status\'--Can't handle registered multi driver.


            How can I solve this problem.?

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              I have a problem with Verilog


              The Always @ (*) block gives an error. Is usage in this way also valid on psoc?

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                There is a Warp Verilog Reference Guide already installed on your computer (Start -> Cypress -> Creator 4.0 -> Documentation....)





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