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    CY8CKIT-142 DOA?



      I purchased a CY8CKIT-142 to experiment a bit with the bluetooth LP radio. I am very familiar with cypress's tool chain, since I've been using cypress PSoCs for several different projects over the past 4 years, and I found it very simple to use. 


      Right out of the box, I snapped off 5 male header pins, stuck it in my miniprog3, and then stuck the 5 pins (triple checking my orientation) into the kit-142. Unfortunately, through PSoC Creator, the miniprog3 didnt see the PSoC4 on the kit-142. I tried many different settings, including powering it at 3.3V and 5V. As well as power cycle and reset acquire modes, different clock frequencies, and even toggling between 5-pin and 10-pin connectors. NOTHING. I have replaced the 5pin header thinking the contacts may be too short with standard 22AWG wire, still with same result.


      Unfortunately the only thing I have to work with at home is my DMM, and my CY8CKIT-050. On Monday I can use my scope at work to further probe around, but I was excited to get some prototyping done this weekend.


      I have verified that at least the 10-pin SWD setting on the miniprog3 works by just connecting it to my kit-050. It detects the PSoC5 just fine. 


      I would greatly appreciate if anyone had any ideas/tips.