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    Cypress showing build error : .cy_checksum_exclude loaded at . . .

      Hello everyone, 


      I am using Cypress chip CYBL11172-56LQXI for BLE. 


      I get the following 2 errors and I am not sure how to debug it. 


      Build error: section .cy_checksum_exclude loaded at [00023200,000234ff] overlaps section i.smp_tbx_encryption_complete loaded at [000231d8,00023257]




      Build error: section i.smp_tbx_rand_complete loaded at [00023258,000232bf] overlaps section .cy_checksum_exclude loaded at [00023200,000234ff]


      This is the bootloadable project where I use the manual application image placement (if this info helps)


      Any tips or advice to solve this error would be a great help.