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    Timer Enable not Occuring

      Good day to you all,




      I am fairly new to psoc and am currently working on a precursor to another project. The system is meant to work as follows;


      Two pwm's are to generate a single short pulse "start" and "stop" respectively and these are to be sent to a coarse counter (I used a timer in this case) and the timer is meant to count the period between the start and stop signal (hence I used a logic 'xor' for the enable) and generate an interrupt which prints the output through the uart. But for some reason I get nothing at the output.




      I have already tested the uart to confirm it works separately. And I have also confirmed the appropriate pulses are being generated by the pwm's with an oscilloscope so I am at a loss as to why the enable condition is not being met. I have attached the project to this post in hopes that someone can give me clarity as to what the problem could be.




      p.s. In case you wonder where the interrupt definition is, it is in the isr_1.c page under the CY_ISR function.